Dream Fight League

Cage Fights at The Canyon Club Santa Clarita!








9:00 am – Fighter Weigh-In Open to the public

5:00 pm – Doors Open

6:15 pm – Public Nuisance Performs

7:05 pm – Announcer Barrie Eget Begins the show

7:10 pm – Fighters Enter the Cage

7:15 pm – Angel Diaz vs Jeff Martin Slap Jiu Jitsu

7:30 pm – Brandon Hitchcock vs Furman Smith

7:45 pm – Yassin Saededdin vs Bucky Sewell

8:00 pm – James Sierens vs Byron Valle

8:15 pm – Tomislav Smith vs Johnathan Santore- Tovar

8:30 pm – Featherweight Championship Fight
Jordan Irizarry vs Kasen Matsch

8:45 pm – Bantamweight Championship Fight
Kevin Lizardo vs Pedro Caceres-Perez

9:00 pm – We Are Wasted Performs

9:20 pm – Lightweight Championship Fight
Rafael Jiminez vs Ramon Cornejo

9:40 pm – Light Heavyweight Championship Fight
James Delsid vs Jake Babian

10:00 pm – Dream After-Party

10:00 pm  – Dance Performance Juila and Marina

10:35 pm – Dance Performance Katie and Julia

11:05 pm – Dance Performance Marina and Katie

11:35 pm – Dance Performance Katie, Marina and Julia

12:30 am – Dance Performance Katie, Marian, Julia, Michelle

The After Party

Offical Dream Fight League After Party 10pm-2am. News coming soon…


of December


Welcome to The Canyon Club! We’re proud to bring you an unforgettable night of fights and entertainment. Arrive when the doors open at 6pm. First fight begins at 7:00pm.

Experienced Fighters

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts. Muay Thai Kickboxing experts. Champion wrestlers and phenomenal boxers enter the cage to challenge their skills. 


Spectacular Venue

Watch Live Action Mixed Martial Arts in an intimate arena, where every seat in the house is essentially VIP. Comfortable padded seats and many tables available.

Dream Fight League LLC

Our Own backyard

We no longer need to drive to places like Commerce or Long Beach to watch a fight or compete. A fight league in our own backyard. Let’s find out who is Champion of SCV.


Effective Techniques

Chokes, suplexes, submissions, punches to the face and body. Kicks to the leg, body and head. Elbows and knees to the body.


Individual Approach

Styles make fights. Watch Mixed Martial Artists perform in the 20 ft. Throwdown Cage. What techniques will reign supreme December 10th? Will this be a night of slick submissions or an evening of technical striking. We’re guessing both. One way to find out. Get your ticket today.

Approved Fights

Fights are overseen by the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization. Official ringside physicians, judges, timekeepers and ambulance will be present.

Dream Fight League FIGHTERs